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How a distant war could be the end of the US.

Russia-U.S. tensions are at an all time high and most of it has to do with the Russia-Ukraine war. Another World War could be looming, are they about to drop the bomb on us? Literally.

Our government is and has been sending billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, giving Ukraine a much needed hand, but are we weighing the consequences of our actions? What will the outcome be? Where are we heading? Do we in the U.S. as a country, as people feel safe? Are you afraid or worried?

Lets discuss our situation..

Are we poking the Bear?

Russia has always been a hungry super-power and should be dealt with accordingly. A sleeping bear, big and powerful, resilient, always and I mean always, waiting to strike.

Biden has lost his temper on a conversation with Zelenskyy. Ukrainian president whom Biden was letting know another $1 Billion dollars in aid was being sent, without hesitation Zelenskyy begins to read out a list of "supplies" they are still trying to secure, more aid, worth billions. Biden didn't hesitate to note that enough was being done and the Ukrainian president should show a little more gratitude.

The U.S. is playing a dangerous game.

We are playing a very dangerous game sending military aid to Ukraine, humanitarian aid should have no consensus on our military stance against Russia. BUT military aid or the likes dictates we stand with Ukraine to the death, and it either has to be to the death or we must as a country back off and let the world do its thing, sadly we cannot keep any country(s) from doing as they please, unless we intervene with our military power, do we want to do that?

I say stand with Ukraine to the death because we are involving ourselves in this war to a point of no return. Russia sees us as an enemy, not as a humanitarian country. We are the ENEMY. Now it is no reason to be afraid, this country doesn't back down at a threat and is how we prove we are number 1 in the world, we evolve and will do what it takes to defend every inch of our country, but are you ready to defend every inch of Ukrainian territory? What happens when the war starts and all because we couldn't be humanitarian, we had to get to our nose in it. I'm not saying give them the cold shoulder. Im saying think of the bigger picture and the death toll if Russia and the U.S. collide.

I'm saying: "Carefully weigh in the consequences".

U.S. economy has been on a downfall since we took sides on the Ukranian-Russian conflict.

Fuel, food and most commodity prices are an at all time high. Some because of COVID-19 but most, today, because of our own actions against Russia.

We as citizens are paying at the pump about twice as we should actually be paying, or would be paying if we didn't choose sides. (Doesn't mean we wouldn't send humanitarian aid).

In the US we consume about 4 million gallons of diesel alone, per day.

At a "normal" cost of $3 per gallons we are looking at $12 million per day. But because of the sanctions (mostly) we have imposed against Russia we are paying $24 million per day, twice as much. Our citizens are suffering the consequences of standing with Ukraine, and we are paying the price, it goes to show we do stand with Ukraine in a humanitarian way, by blocking Russias exports we are doing our best to cripple the super power without getting militarily involved. Oh wait, we already are militarily involved...

Now add that and all the other merchandise we are paying extra for, and add the BILLIONS of dollars in aid military, directly or indirectly sent to Ukraine. The numbers will give us headaches. We are talking Billions lost from US citizens and Billions sent to Ukraine from our government, money that could also be used to offset the situation we have put ourselves in. I wouldn't hesitate, and I have donated to the Ukraine cause, but that is how it should be I believe, let those with a kind heart, those that financially can, donate as much as they like. But don't make our people struggle, never in the history of this country have we worked so hard only to hardly afford fuel for transportation and food. Some people are struggling to pay rent and keep a roof above their heads, I know a few juggling 2 and 3 jobs just to keep up.

We as a nation are doing our best to play along and keep the humanitarian help going but are we ready to go into war by pushing the boundary and provide military aid? We need to stop playing this "wasn't me" game before it's too late.

Are you afraid of a Global War breaking out? I know I am.

A global pandemic brought the world to it's knees. And right in the middle of it all, Russia attacks Ukraine, stealing the spotlight. Rarely I hear "Covid this, Covid that" anymore. It is always Ukraine and Russia topics. Another Topic that is creating a lot of commotion is North Korea and sometimes even China acting all hostile.

I am afraid, the thought of Russia, North Korea and China teaming up gives me the chills. We are pushing buttons we shouldn't push. This country must be very careful who we choose to stand with.

From my personal point of view I see all these countries trying to start a war, just waiting for either the right moment to strike or use an excuse to strike. NATO won't keep Russia and North Korea from using nuclear bombs. Nobody in this world will be able to stop Russia from using them in Ukraine, or the anywhere else. I believe the moment is coming and what will the U.S. do about it? Start a World War? Are we ready for that?

Do you as U.S. citizens want to fight to the death? Exchange nuclear warheads? Change the world and everything we know? Are we ready for this? I am not. And that is because I don't see a direct conflict between us and Russia. I see Russia minding its nasty business and wanting to be left alone to do so.

I am not ready for a Russian war turning into WW3.

Let's all be humanitarian and help each other. War is not the answer. Famine is not the answer. Death is not an option.

We stand with Ukraine, but also with Russia. Don't forget millions of Russians oppose the war, and even soldiers are against it but like our soldiers, they must follow orders for their own sake. It is a sad situation, with a looming nasty outcome. The world will be shaken and brought to its knees should these Super Powers collide.

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