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Most Dangerous Cities To Live Or Visit In The United States

Murder rates, the worst cities to live, visit or travel through in the country.

1) St. Louis, Missouri

Number one in our list is St. Louis. Where the murder rate is 69.4 for every 1000 residents.

2) Baltimore, MD

Close behind St. Louis is Baltimore with a murder rate of 51.1 for every 1000 residents.

3) New Orleans, LA

New Orleans has a murder rate of 40.6 for every 1000 residents.

3) Detroit, MI

Murder rate of 39.7 for every 1000 residents.

4) Cleveland, OH

Murder rate in Cleveland is 33.7 for every 1000 residents.

5) Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas ranks at 31.4 murders for every 1000 residents.

6) Kansas City, MO

31.2 murders for every 1000 residents.

7) Memphis, TN

27.1 murders for every 1000 residents.

8) Newark, NJ

25.6 murders for every 1000 residents.

9) Chicago, IL

24 murders per 1000 residents.

10) Cincinnati, OH

23.8 murders per 1000 residents.

11) Philadelphia, PA

20.2 murders per 1000 residents.

12) Milwaukee, WI

20.0 murders per 1000 residents.

13) Tulsa, OK

18.6 Murders per 1000 residents.

14) Pittsburgh, PA

18.4 murders per 1000 residents.

15) Indianapolis, IN

17.7 per 1000 residents.

16) Louisville, KY

17.5 murders per 1000 residents.

17) Oakland, CA

17.1 murders per 1000 residents.

18) Washington D.C.

17.0 murders every 1000 residents.

19) Atlanta, GA

16.7 murders per 1000 residents.

Some of these cities might not be so bad after all, depending on where you stay or visit. I personally live in Indianapolis, IN and the surroundings are pretty safe and quiet. There is hot spots for crime such as some places in east Indy that crime rates are higher than other places of the city. I also frequent Louisville, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, and a few more cities that are ranked very high in murder rates.

It hardly means you will be murdered by simply driving through, or walking down town. Most murders happen in very bad neighborhoods and usually at night. Travel only during the day and visit or walk when there are plenty of people around, so if it happens that you run into a situation, other people might help or serve as witnesses.

Don't be afraid to travel and get to know this beautiful country, but be wary of your surroundings.

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