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MacBook Air Review

I had always owned an array of HP or DELL laptops, recently I was in the market for a new laptop so I could type from anywhere, so a portable, light, sleek laptop was a must have.

"The MacBook Air is probably the best laptop I've ever owned and I will share with you why"

Sleek, Light and Powerful

Probably one of the best laptops ever created, the MacBook is powerful in many ways, my favorite being easy of access to all content on your phone, that is if you also own an Apple product, iPhone.

Some Cool Features I Must Mention

Despite not being the coolest or the last of the features, the MacBook is seamlessly connected to the iPhone, so much that you can snap a picture on your phone, and by the time you look at your computer screen, the picture is there, also on your laptop. Same with videos.

You can call and receive calls from either your phone or laptop, you can also text from either one, even WhatsApp will show on both devices. It is truly a masterpiece how well built the system is.

Battery Life and More

Battery life is very good, I can go days of use without charging, but I do not watch videos or TV on the laptop. Sound quality and volume seem very good, the back-lit keyboard is awesome for night typing without bothering your spouse with a light, or for dark outdoors, night at the park etc.

Last Thoughts and Opinion

Overall, I truly believe this is a great product, I have fallen in love with everything Apple, although it might be the best in my eyes it wasn't this way before. I was a hardcore Samsung fan (phones and tv's) what made me try Apple was investing in their stock. I figured if I believe in the company to trust them with my money in the form of stocks, might as well support it when the time came to renew my former devices and wow, I must say I'm stunned. I have yet to own an Apple TV but I'm sure if it is built as well as the MacBook, I will love it and so will you.

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